Coming July 2017

The digital era is upon us and it's important to represent your assets in the most beautiful ways possible, that requires perspective. Here at Prenzler Capital we don't offer services, we offer perspectives. Our new drone photography division can capture all the perspective your business needs, in quite a literal sense. Using our expertise in the media and digital business, we can help boost your exposure and shine a new light on unforeseen beauty. 

[Picture of Prenzler Home from above // Video]

We are fully licensed drone pilots that can take care of all your aerial photography needs, whether you are looking to lease all your office units, sell your home, or capture beautiful images, we will meet your needs. 

No need to reach out for a custom quote, we are fully transparent in offering several different package for all your needs. 


Standard Home Package: $125

12 Photos of the exterior of your home

Premium Home Package: $160

18 Photos of the exterior of your home and several short videos of your choice

Platinum Home Package: $200

25 Photos of the exterior of your home and an edited video of your home (1-3 mins)


Premium Business Package: $150

15 Photos surrounding your business

Platinum Business Package: $250

30 Photos surrounding your business and an edited video of your business (1-3 mins)